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The Brad M. Wiedmeyer Memorial Award was established by Brad's family after he passed away in 1998. Brad was a 1995 graduate of Slinger High School who played basketball throughout his high school years. He set school records in free throw shooting percentage and three point baskets in a single game.

Brad's family established this award due to Brad's commitment to the Slinger basketball program and his love of basketball. Winners are chosen based on their commitment to the three principles indicated above. Brad worked hard. When he was in middle school he struggled making three throws. He practiced daily and eventually set the school record for free throw shooting. Brad knew and accepted his role on the team. Slinger's offense is built around a low scoring point guard whose primary job is to create scoring opportunities for other teammates. Not everyone can score, and the team does best when each player knows and accepts his role. And Brad always put the team first. Winning is more important than individual stats, but team first goes well beyond the game. Team chemistry is settled on the court and in the locker room. And individual decisions are based on what helps the team - and what doesn't hurt the team.

Slinger Ltd. supports this award by donating the proceeds of the Brad Wiedmeyer Memorial Tournament, a middle school tourney held each Spring. The $2,000 scholarships are awarded each year to the senior boys basketball player who best exemplifies Brad's love of the game as demonstrated by effort, enthusiasm and participation in games and practices. Winners are announced each year at the high school awards ceremony. There is no application process, and all senior members of the team are automatically considered for the award.

In addition to his basketball abilities, Brad was also a talented artist. He created the logo seen above for a summer basketball camp, and we adopted it as our official logo after he passed away. Brad left a lasting mark on the Slinger High School Boys Basketball Program, and we thank the Wiedmeyer family for establishing this award.
Brad M. Wiedmeyer Memorial Award Winners
2019 Tommy Boden
2018 Derek Sabin
2017 Thomas Noltner
2016 Max Merkes
2015 Aaron Brewer
2014 Thomas Lofy
2013 Jake Anderson and Nate Roethle
2012 Kirk Emmer
2011 Kyle Behrens
2010 Jordan Teschendorf
2009 Kegan Schieve
2008 Kyle Wagner
2007 Eric Fassbender
2006 Brandon Rothenhoefer
2005 Brandon LaMarche
2004 Tim Sonn
2003 Nick Mueller & Nate Dineen
2002 Brad Gonring
2001 Adam Bremberger
2000 Brent Vandermause
1999 David DeLong

Winners of the Brad M. Wiedmeyer Memorial Award compete at the 2015 Alumni Tournament. Front row to left to right Kegan Schieve ('09) and Brad Gonring ('02). Back row Thomas Lofy ('14), Brandon LaMarche ('05) and Jake Anderson ('13).

Winners of the Brad M. Wiedmeyer Memorial Award compete at the 2014 Alumni Tournament. Front row to left to right Kirk Emmer ('12), Jordan Teschendorf ('10), Kegan Schieve ('09), David DeLong ('99), Brad Gonring ('02) and Nick Mueller ('03). Back row Kyle Behrens ('11), Nate Dineen ('03), Brandon LaMarche ('05) and Jake Anderson ('13). Also in attendance but not pictured were Kyle Wagner ('08) and Nathan Roethle ('13).

Winners of the Brad M. Wiedmeyer Memorial Award compete at the 2013 Alumni Tournament. Front row to left to right Jordan Teschendorf ('10), Kegan Schieve ('09), Brad Gonring ('02), David DeLong ('99), Nick Mueller ('03). Back row Kirk Emmer ('12), Kyle Behrens ('11), Nate Dineen ('03), Kyle Wagner ('08), Adam Bremberger ('01).


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