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Coach's Corner
By Head Coach Alex Lavine

It with great enthusiasm that we welcome the 2018-2019 basketball season. This season will be my first as the head coach of the Slinger Owls. I am blessed to have the opportunity to lead this proud program.
My staff and I are committed to developing and sustaining a championship level program on and off the court. Our core values of togetherness, holding ourselves and our teammates to a high standard, competing to be the best, and sacrificing always for the benefit of the team will help us to move toward achieving a high level of success.
Our slogan for this season is "Count On Me, Count On Us." We've asked our players to commit time into their development as a player and our development as a team. We have increased the off-season commitment and our weight room attendance this off-season. The commitment has been impressive and it is only the start of the building process that will take some time. As we've told our players it won't be easy, but it will be worth it!
Our roster is led by three high character and highly committed seniors Anthony Romens, Tommy Boden, and Jarrett Plahmer. These seniors will provide us experience, leadership, and will contribute to our team success in the box score and beyond.
Juniors Logan Homberg and Brad Brewer will provide shooting from the perimeter, depth at the guard spots, and the ability to score the ball.
Fellow Junior Sam Dodge suffered a knee injury in August and will miss the entire season, but we look forward to his recovery process and seeing him excel as a senior next year.
Junior Ethan Engen will provide us guard depth, Aidan Duchelle will provide a sharp shooting big off the bench, and Spencer Tennies will provide us big man depth.
We welcome 3 sophomores Derek Erdmann, Aydan Dautermann, and Derek Wiest to the varsity this year. These 3 will be a big part of the present and the future of the program as they all bring talent to the floor that excites our program. Jack Murray will join the varsity as a freshman this year. Jack will provide additional guard depth this year and he is another young player that we are excited about.
We lost a lot of scoring and talent from last year's roster, but we are optimistic in the present and for the future of the program. We feel that we have GREAT people and outstanding potential to remain competitive and start the process of building a championship level team.
Our team will use a a fast paced, spread the floor, unselfish offensive attack. On defense we will pressure the ball, use fundamentals, and show great energy and passion for the game.
I encourage you to join us at any of our games to support our program and our players. I have been quick to notice the outstanding community support and the PRIDE you all have in being SLINGER OWLS!

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