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The Brendan Dobson Owl Pride Award began in 2011, just after Brendan passed away unexpectedly in December of 2010. Brendan was a Slinger Owl, from head to toe. He went to almost every one of his Dad's basketball games. Throughout the years, Tony coached the freshman boys team, JV boys team and then became a Varsity Assistant for the boys program in 2010. Brendan loved being at the gym, loved playing basketball and, most of all, loved being by his Dad's side.

I can remember him asking me if he could sit on the freshman boys bench, so he could be closer to the team and, most importantly, closer to his Dad. Brendan would sneak in the huddle during time outs and end up in line at the end of the game to shake hands. Brendan would wear his red owl sweatshirt or his shirt & tie to the games, and made his little brother, Jackson, wear a tie with him. Brendan was so proud to be an Owl and so very proud of the boys basketball team, many of whom became his friends. His last night with us, Brendan made it to the boys Varsity practice just in time to run out onto the floor as the boys were running ladders for free-throws. We ended the night scouting for the Owls in Harford.

To Brendan, being an Owl was his dream. I am thankful that he had the opportunity to be an honorary Owl for seven years. I am truly humbled and honored to have this award named in memory of such a wonderful little boy. A senior basketball player is selected at the end of every season for this award. Players have shown their Owl pride, dedication and teamwork. Brendan would be proud!

Written by: Brendan's mom
Brendan Dobson Owl Pride Award Winners
2017 Jacob Olson
2016 Tyler Reinhardt
2015 Aaron Brewer
2014 Sam Osterberg
2013 Nate Roethle
2012 Kirk Emmer


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